Antler King Attract-N-Fuel 20lb.

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Antler King has devoted many years to research on utilizing flavors and ingredients to attract deer and the special proprietary flavor and aroma designed for Attract-N-Fuel will attract more deer from great distances. Attract-N-Fuel is a protein-based pellet and feed supplement that utilizes a special concentrated yeast culture along with pro-biotics to improve digestive efficiency and allow for better nutrient availability resulting in maximum antler and body growth.

Attract-N-Fuel was designed to improve Rumen function which in turn supports body mass, antler growth, herd health and milk production. Antler size, body weight and reproductive efficiency are all dependent on a healthy and properly functioning digestive system. The yeast in Attract-N-Fuel is research proven in whitetail deer to optimize digestive function, allowing for peak efficiency and maximum genetic potential.

Maximize Antler Growth: During the developmental stages, antlers are comprised of approximately 80% protein, with the remaining 20% being mostly macro-minerals (primarily Calcium and Phosphorus). Therefore, it is critical that these nutrients are readily available in order for the buck to reach maximum genetic potential for it's age. By improving digestibility and retention of protein and macro-minerals, more key nutrients are available for antler growth.

Feeding: Attract-N-Fuel can be used all year long to optimize deer digestion and to attract deer in front of game cameras and stand locations. Mix with corn or use on it's own to provide premium nutrition and maximize genetic potential. REBUILD, REFUEL, REPLENISH, REPEAT.

  • 18% Protein supplement (40% pellet / 60% Protein-based Feed) designed to maximize body and antler growth
  • Antler King's special proprietary flavor and aroma to attract deer from longer distances
  • Special concentrated yeast culture to optimize digestion and allow for greater nutrient availability to body and antler growth
  • Premium feed supplement to improve the overall health of your herd: antler growth, body growth, fetal development, immune system health, maintenance and milk production
  • Attract-N-Fuel should be used on a year round basis to maximize genetic potential of your entire herd
  • Attract-N-Fuel can be fed on it's own or mixed with corn
  • Can be poured on ground or used in a gravity or trough style feeder

Attract-N-Fuel will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.

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