Antler King Energy Plus 7.5lb. Wildlife Block

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The 7.5 lb. ENERGY PLUS WILDLIFE BLOCK offers everything the deer need for maximizing antler and body growth all in a compact block. Antler King's cutting edge deer nutrition shows that energy (fat) may be as critical in antler growth as protein.

Energy Plus Wildlife Block contains THREE TIMES the amount of fat (energy) as most deer blocks on the market! At 3% fat and 16% protein, Energy Plus is ideal for attracting and keeping deer on your property, all while offering them the nutrients they need to grow larger bodies and larger antlers.

16% protein and 3% fat.

  • Contains high levels of antler building minerals and vitamins.
  • Research shows that a minimum of 16% protein diet is required for maximum antler and body development.
  • Great fall attractant and a must for winter feeding to post rut bucks that need a lot of energy after the rut.
  • Deer love it!

Energy Plus Wildlife Block will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.

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