Carbon Express Fletched Carbon Arrows Maxima Red - 2" Vanes .0025 (6-Pack)

Brand: Carbon Express

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Managing how an arrow flexes in flight (Dynamic Spine) is key to arrow accuracy, and no one does a better job at this than Carbon Express. The Maxima RED is a breakthrough in controlling Dynamic Spine

The Carbon Express Maxima RED Arrows provide hunters with a new level of performance. The Maxima RED arrows are constructed of hi-tech carbon material to contain the arrow’s flex in the RED ZONE section of the arrow shaft that manages dynamic spine. Containing arrow flex to the RED ZONE allows broadheads to shoot tighter and with more accuracy.

  • Patented hi-tech carbon material construction for dynamic spine control and arrow flex.
  • RED ZONE (section of the arrow that manages arrow flex in flight).
  • Takes only 2 spine sizes to cover 40-92 lb. bow to manage dynamic spine.
  • Checked for straightness to 1/10,000 of an inch.
  • Arrows come fletched with Blazer vanes.
  • Includes BullDog nock collar and LAUNCHPAD precision nocks.