ConQuest Scents Bear Whisperer Scent Stick - One 2.5 oz. Stick

Brand: Conquest Scents

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The "Bear Whisperer" Blaine Anthony’s Personal Bear Attractant Formula! - 2.5 oz. 

For bear hunting across North America, place strategically on tree trunks for optimal shot placement.

  • Product is one 2.5 oz. stick.
  • Enhance a bait pile or simulate a bait pile where placement is difficult.
  • Attract bears by using these natural scents, from the time he leaves the den until hibernation.
  • Encapsulated in our wax stick formula for No Leaks or Mess and it won't freeze!
  • Lasts longer through hunting sessions on land, in water and in all weather conditions.

Warning! Do NOT put on body or clothing!