ConQuest Scents RuttingBuck Scent Stick - One 2.5 oz. Stick

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RuttingBuck High Testosterone Scent

RuttingBuck is 100% urine collected from superior breed bucks with high concentrations of testosterone. Wipe RuttingBuck during pre-rut, rut, or post-rut in active scrapes, on licking branches, and on rubs to challenge the dominant buck’s territory by triggering their dominant instinct.

  • Product is one 2.5 oz. Rutting Buck scent stick. 
  • Encapsulated into our easy to use wax stick formula for No Spills, Leaks or Mess and it won’t freeze!
  • No preservatives
  • Attracts "Dominant Bucks" during the pre-rut, rut, and post-rut!
  • Use with VS-1 and EverCalm to create the smell of a deer herd and an estrus doe to create a seductive combination!
  • Works great with a decoy and/or our ScrapeMaker 4-in-1 Tool for mock scrapes!
  • ** Also available in aerosol/bomb form.
  • TB & CWD Accredited Herd