ConQuest Scents ScrapeMaker - One Per Order

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ScrapeMaker 4-in-1

Product is one ScrapeMaker. 

The ScrapeMaker is a tool specifically designed to help you communicate with Whitetail Deer. The ScrapeMaker can make authentic licking limbs, realistic mock rubs, and a scrape that looks like a massive buck made it. By using the ScrapeMaker, you will be able to locate and harvest the dominant buck in your area.

  • The most useful scouting tool available
  • Get big bucks to stop where you want
  • Give does visual stimulation to urinate in scrapes
  • Condition bucks to your property
  • Works great with trail cams
  • Create new scrapes or freshen existing
  • Use from preseason until season's end

Locate and harvest the dominant buck in your area!