LEM Ground Meat Packaging System

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Here's everything you need to package your ground meats and more in 1/3 the time it takes to freezer wrap it. The Ground Meat Packaging Kit contains the poly bag tape machine, 1 roll poly bag tape and 50 - 1 lb. wild game bags. Add a 2" stuffing tube (sold separately) over the plate of your grinder for the second grind. Slide a bag on the stuffing tube and grind meat directly into bag. Squeeze air out, twist bag and seal with taping machine. Two inch stuffing tube sold separately for grinders, # 8, # 12, # 22, # 32 (Item # 609, # 084, # 085, # 086) or with Ground Meat Packaging System Item #200, A, B, C or D. Directions included.

Kit includes:

  • Poly Bag Tape Machine
  • 1 roll of poly tape enough for approx. 1200 seals
  • 50 1lb wild game bags
  • Use with grinder to fill bags as you make the final grind of burger or sausage
  • Instructions included
  • Actual product may vary slightly from picture