ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Black

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Product Code: MB-4151090-090-OS

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ScentLok® OZRadial EZ Ozone Generator

  • All-in-one portable, rechargeable, odor-controlling unit
  • Ozone technology destroys odors by attacking the source
  • Inset button prevents accidental activation
  • Tethered charging allows the unit to charge while running
  • Tether strap for easy hanging anywhere

    The ScentLok OZRadial EZ Ozone Generator is ideal for your odor-control needs. ScentLok OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in their path. When ozone comes in contact with these contaminants, their chemical structure is changed to a compound that is no longer recognizable as an offensive odor. Perfect for campers, closets, medium-size rooms, cabins, and more, the OZRadial EZ features innovative CycleClean™ technology that allows the generator to moderate the output by alternating active and resting phases to optimize efficiency and battery life. The ScentLok OZRadial EZ Ozone Generator has 4 operating modes, including boost and cycle. Includes tether strap, rechargeable battery (lasts up to 8 hours), and a USB port for charging smart devices. Manufacturer's 1-year warranty.