Real World Deadly Dozen

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Product = 12.5 LB. Bag = 1/4 Acre

Real World Wildlife Products has combined our two most popular fall-planted products into one and the results are … DEADLY!

It is best to plant this product 45 days before first frost for best results as that will make that all the food will be young, nutritious, tender & palatable!~!


For several years, our customers have planted both Harvest Salad and Plot Topper in the same plot with excellent results. Deer flock to these plots from the time the plot germinates through the entire hunting season, and well into the following spring. We took the hint, and have combined these two popular products into a convenient ¼ acre bag, the perfect size for those small kill-plots.

Deadly Dozen includes: Winter Hardy Oats, Winter Wheat, Winter Barley, Austrian Winter Peas, Tillage Radish, Purple Top Turnips, Rape Plus, Sugar Beets, Forage Collards, Impact Forage Collards, Crimson Clover and Oil Seed Radish.

Deadly Dozen is only sold in ¼ acre bags. If you have larger plots, you can simply buy Real World's Harvest Salad and Plot Topper and plant them in the same plot at the same time.

50 lbs. of Harvest Salad + a 3 lb. Jug of Plot Topper = 1 Acre of Deadly Dozen