About Us

Monster Buck Supply has teamed up with 2 Local Northern Indiana brothers to help supply you with quality food plot and hunting products.
Lonnie and Gene Borkholder grew up in a very active hunting family and have built a business in the food plot and recreational market.

They currently hunt and manage over 700 acres of recreational and ag ground for Monster Bucks. They have many resources available to them that will allow you to set-up and maximize any size hunting tract that you may have.

They are also very familiar with and manage property that are in programs such as CRP; WRE and WRP. They own and manage many different soil types from river bottom to difficult clay and dry sand ground. Lonnie and Gene both understand how challenging and critical it can be to set-up a hunting spot with little or no resources and that is why Monster Buck Supply has teamed up with them to help you eliminate a lot of trial and error.

Monster Buck Supply has a knowledgeable team and excellent products to help you be as successful as possible. We are down to earth-everyday hunters looking to help and grow the future of hunting and do what we truly enjoy. Help us improve habitat and promote the future of hunting. 

Lonnie and Gene are available to answer any questions you may have about our products or on what products will fit your needs.



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